About Luisa


Hello! I’m Luisa Porritt - standing to be your Liberal Democrat Mayor of London.

Growing up here in Camden, I was fortunate enough to enjoy many of the amazing things that this city has to offer.

But I’ve always been acutely aware that many Londoners don't have the same opportunities that I did.

That doesn’t mean it was all easy. I graduated amid the last recession - and spent years jumping from one internship and short-term contract to another.

But I knew I was lucky to be able to live at home, so I could gain the experience I needed to kickstart my career.

Like many Londoners today, I’ve also lived in overpriced rented flats, loosely managed by poor landlords. That’s often seen as the inevitable way of spending your twenties. But it shouldn’t be.

Having lived in London most of my life, our polluted air is the reason I’m asthmatic. I know that if we don’t act now, then the consequences for the next generation will be far worse.

Jobs. Homes. Clean Air. Those are three basic needs - and we’re being let down on all three.

My plan to Take London Forward will give Londoners what they need.

If you share this vision for our city’s future, join me and let’s build it together.

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