Our plan for Clean Air


Having Clean Air to breathe must be a right, not a luxury as it currently is in London. Liberal Democrats will clean up our air with strong action.

Scrap the Silvertown Tunnel


Sadiq Khan is committed to spending £2bn on the polluting Silvertown Road Tunnel in East London.

Liberal Democrats will scrap the Silvertown Tunnel project and commit to greener transport projects, like the Bakerloo line extension or more cycling routes, instead.

A new fairer pay as you go road pricing system

Liberal Democrats will replace London’s arbitrary system of multiple road use charges with a single smart and fair pay as you go road pricing system.

Drivers would be charged based on much they drive, how much pollution they create - with fair exemptions and discounts for special needs and work use. This will clean up our air and raise funds for our public transport network in a fairer way than the congestion charge.

Rewild London

Liberal Democrats will re-wild London’s roofs and public spaces to clean up our air. We will plant more trees and plants on public walks and green our roofs by installing solar panels and vegetation onto them, cleaning up our air and creating green jobs at the same time.