Our Plan for Europe

London needs the closest possible relationship with our European partners. Liberal Democrats are proud pro-Europeans and Luisa can use her experience as a former Member of the European Parliament to keep London close to Europe.

Protect the rights of our E.U. citizens

London’s one million E.U. citizens are such an important part of our city.

Liberal Democrats will stand up for their rights by lobbying the government to automatically grant E.U. citizens the permanent right to stay and by providing London’s E.U. citizens with physical cards proving their right to stay.

Support Freedom of Movement

Liberal Democrats will lobby the government to restore freedom of movement with E.U. countries - particularly for London’s industries that are reliant on it.

Liberal Democrats are demanding visa-free tours for musicians, to allow London’s musical festivals to secure world-leading talent and London’s performers to tour hassle free.

Secure a Better Brexit deal for London

The government’s threadbare Brexit deal has cut off access to Europe for many of London’s industries. Liberal Democrats will lobby the government to secure a deal for our services sectors and to add to their existing deal in areas where it is inadequate.