Government TfL takeover threat an insult to democracy

Responding to the Government threat to take control of Transport for London (TfL) unless the Mayor of London accepts its conditions, Luisa Porritt, Lib Dem Candidate for Mayor of London said:

“Not content with their shameful treatment of the people of Greater Manchester, the Tory Government have now turned their attention to punishing Londoners too. 

“Londoners have done what the Government asked by avoiding public transport. They do not deserve to be hit with this crippling list of fare rises and tax hikes, at a time when so many are worried about their jobs and livelihoods.

“Elsewhere in the country, private rail companies have been given the support they need without such harsh conditions. Why are Londoners getting hit?

“The threat to take over Transport for London is an insult to local democracy. Any discussion about tax hikes and fare rises must happen at the ballot box next May.

“It’s time the Government stopped playing politics with people’s lives. London's transport network is a vital part of our city's infrastructure and must be protected throughout this pandemic.”

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