Our Plan for Homes


London has had a housing crisis for too long. To solve it, we need bold ideas and to take more control of building the homes we need.

Set up a London Housing Company

Sadiq Khan has failed to deliver affordable housing for London. He’s only started half the number of affordable homes he promised.

Liberal Democrats will set up a London Housing Company that will take control of delivering the homes we need directly by bringing empty homes back into use, maximising the use of public land, and raising revenue to build sites of its own.

Homes in the Heart of Our City

Increased home working is here to stay. Liberal Democrats follow in the footsteps of Rotterdam and convert new empty office space into high-quality, affordable homes.

Fight for Cladding Scandal victims

Leaseholders should not pay to remediate fire safety defects they aren’t responsible for.

Liberal Democrats are campaigning hard to solve this crisis and demand the government steps in to ensure that all victims aren’t forced to pay for costs that aren’t their faults. 

End Homelessness

Every Londoner deserves the right to shelter, all-year round. Liberal Democrats will work towards a Housing First policy - where a roof over your head is a right, not subject to any other conditions.