Our Plan for Jobs


London has been hit hard by the pandemic and we need urgent action to create jobs and get our businesses thriving again.

Reinvent Our High Streets

Liberal Democrats will reinvent London’s high-streets so that, once again, they become thriving places at the heart of our communities.

That means no longer relying solely on retail, and introducing a range of services that local people want and need - from shared working spaces to childcare, to more places to eat and drink after work.

Introduce a London Apprenticeships Hub

The pandemic has disproportionately hit the employment prospects of young Londoners.

A London Apprenticeships Hub will offer technical support to businesses to unlock more apprenticeships and help young Londoners find more opportunities for skills training and work.

Support Small businesses & the self-employed

The government has failed to properly support London’s small businesses and self-employed workers throughout the pandemic.

Liberal Democrats will fight for a rent relief fund to help small businesses clear debts piled up in the pandemic.