Our Plan to Take London Forward

Luisa Porritt and the Liberal Democrats have a plan to Take London Forward.

It’s a recovery plan with a big focus on three basic needs for Londoners: Jobs, Homes, and Clean Air.

From increased online shopping to more people working from home, London will be changed by the pandemic.

Our plan to Take London Forward embraces change and sets out how London can have an exciting future with quality jobs, affordable homes and clean air to breathe.

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London has been hit hard by the pandemic and we need urgent action to create jobs and get our businesses thriving again. We will:

  • Reinvent Our High Streets.
  • Introduce a London Apprenticeships Hub.
  • Support Small Businesses and the Self-employed.
Read my plan for Jobs


London has had a housing crisis for too long. To solve it, we need bold ideas and to take more control of building the homes we need. We will:

  • Establish a London Housing Company to deliver affordable homes directly
  • Convert empty office space into high-quality, affordable homes.
  • Fight for cladding scandal victims
  • End Homelessness for good.
Read my plan for Homes

Clean Air

Having Clean Air to breathe is a right. I will clean up our air with strong action to make our transport system green and rewild London. We will:

  • Scrap the polluting £2bn Silvertown Road Tunnel project
  • Introduce a smart and fair pay as you go road pricing system
  • Invest in green transport, from new cycling routes to extended tube lines
  • Rewild London with Green roofs and green walks
Read my plan for Clean Air


I will get the police back to being a service, not a force - working with our communities to keep us safe. We will:

  • Restore trust in policing.
  • Better and more joined-up youth services.
  • More officers based in the community.
Read my plan for Policing


London needs the closest possible relationship with our European partners and will use my experience as a former Member of the European Parliament to secure this and protect London’s E.U. citizens. I will:

  • Protect the rights of our E.U. citizens.
  • Support Freedom of Movement.
  • Secure a better Brexit deal for London.


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