Luisa Porritt's plan to Take London Forward

Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London Luisa Porritt is the new challenger to Sadiq Khan with big ideas for London's recovery.


Born and raised in Camden, Luisa is a lifelong Londoner and serves her local community as a councillor.

Having previously represented London as a Member of the European Parliament, now Luisa is determined to represent the city she grew up in. She wants to take London forward with a plan for our city's recovery.

Jobs. Homes. Clean Air.

Londoners are uncertain about the future, with the impact of Brexit to climate change to Covid-19 all causing anxiety. They are worried about their jobs, how unaffordable it is to live here and the city's impact on the environment.

Covid-19 has accelerated big change in the city, with things like working from home likely to become normal.

Luisa Porritt believes that hope is on the horizon. With big change comes big opportunity. She believes can reshape our city with big ideas to take London forward.

Luisa speaks with a local trader in Brixton

With more people spending time in their local area, it’s a chance to reinvent our high streets. Introducing new services like co-working spaces, childcare services and whatever local people feel their community most needs.

This new vibrancy will bring footfall back into the heart of our community and can help create new local jobs as well as support local business.

Luisa speaks with team mate and Lib Dem London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon

With people spending less time working in offices in the centre, that space is likely to become available again. Luisa wants to convert these spaces into high-quality, affordable homes in the heart of the city. 

They have already done this successfully in Rotterdam, so London can learn from its success. We need to do everything we can to provide homes people can really afford.

Luisa has previously served London as a Member of European Parliament

No forward-looking plan for our city is complete without thinking about our city’s impact on the environment. Luisa wants to create a clean, green transport system.

That means more electric charging points, converting our buses to green technology and encouraging more walking and cycling to ensure Londoners can breathe clean air.

Sadiq Khan has wasted his time in office. He's failed to deliver affordable homes and nobody can name his biggest achievement. Now is not the time for someone lacking big ideas.

Luisa Porritt’s plan to Take London Forward will mean stronger local businesses, truly affordable homes and cleaner air.

Let’s make every neighbourhood in our city a thriving place to both live and work.

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